PSC Vodec

Our Mission

Our mission: To timely deliver customer focused systems and solutions while emphasizing technological relevance, reliability, ease of use, maintainability, and value.

PSC has supplied sophisticated technology to the nuclear industry worldwide since 1986. PSC provides multi-million dollar projects and services to Governments, International Agencies, commercial organization as well as the US Defence sectors. PSC has successfully delivered large value contracts directly to US government organizations.

In addition, PSC provides extensive subcontracted engineering projects and services to major industry players such as Bechtel, Jacobs, Flour, CH2M and SNC-Lavalin. PSC has comprehensive engineering design, development and manufacturing capability at 2 locations in the USA, Groton Connecticut and Santa Fe New Mexico. As well as providing a range of products PSC has proven capability to deliver ‘turnkey’ solutions to complex engineering applications. Our core products such as radiation monitoring and detection systems, shielding and ventilation systems have become the site standard at many nuclear facilities in the USA.

The acquisition of PSC VODEC enables PSC to add critical communications systems to our product portfolio. PSC’s extensive nuclear experience ensures very high standards of quality, performance and compliance. Our expertise in nuclear safety systems design, manufacturing, testing and qualification is directly applicable to the rigorous demands of our Oils and Gas customers.

Our suppliers are important to us. They form the basis of our success and play an important part in the achievement of a leading position in the market. This requires a focus on the best and most efficient suppliers and service-providers who can support us in the achievement of this ambitious goal. Excellent quality, delivery accuracy, innovation and value for money are paramount for us. Only if we optimize the value creation chain along its entire length by joint efforts will we be able to achieve the desired competitive advantages for both parties – also in the future. Our objective is therefore to join with our suppliers in the creation of an optimized supply chain management.

Adherence to the compliance rules and a large measure of trust and transparency is important for us during the entire procurement process. We therefore do not maintain business relationships with suppliers known to infringe the principles underlying the Global Compact. We therefore take compliance with all relevant standards and laws as well as a sustained respect for the environment as givens.

Today Vodec has a large number of capable national and international suppliers with whom we consistently work to extend their capabilities. Nevertheless, we continue to maintain a global search for the best suppliers and as a matter of principle are therefore interested in collaborating with new business partners.

Join a powerful and innovative partnership as a future Vodec supplier or service-provider!

Compliance is about acting in accordance with the rules that govern our behaviour. These rules can be externally imposed through laws or regulations, or internally defined through policies, procedures and controls. Acting responsibly, in an ethically correct and lawful manner is just as important to the success of Vodec as our innovative force, technical performance, quality standards and customer orientation.

Compliance is an essential element to ensure sustainable success of our business, protects employees, managers and the underlying organization from unnecessary risks, and highlights the right way where doubt arises. The data is handled with absolute confidentiality; incoming messages are not traced and the senders are not registered.

The Compliance organization of Vodec operates at three levels: prevention, detection and response. Compliance is responsible for all compliance-relevant activities, helps to ensure that regulations are met, coordinates and conducts trainings and supports the design and implementation of globally binding internal standards. Vodec installed a group-wide overarching Compliance & Legal Affairs function to integrate Compliance at management level.

Striving for highest quality and functional safety, guaranteeing optimal health and safety at work and taking into account environmental as well as health and safety regulations in the operational sequences are international standard. Almost all processes within an enterprise have to be aligned with these objectives. More and more frequently the awarding of contracts is made dependent on the requirement that manufacturers provide evidence for a systematic quality management and, moreover, for a work, health and environment protection management for their processes and services, from design to regular efficiency tests.

The Vodec quality management includes this integrated management as a natural part of entrepreneurial activities. Not only the ideas and activities of individuals are important. All Vodec employees are individually required to contribute actively to the continuous improvement of Vodec.

The integrated management manual presents organizational workflows and responsibilities, including the references to the appropriate internal guidelines for all activities and processes relevant to quality, environment and safety. By means of the quality, safety and environment management system described in this manual, the board of management expresses its executive duty of ensuring an adequate and constantly high level of quality, safety and environment protection for the products, processes, systems and services.

We supply systems and products worldwide and are able to provide packages to client specification.