DX3+1 Drillers Talkback Intercom System


  • Hands-free Operation
  • 16 Subscriber selectors fitted as standard
  • Star wired system architecture
  • Single pair field cables no multi-core or special cable
  • Safe, simple communication
  • Simple, easy maintenance
  • Elimination of common mode failure


The PSC VODEC DX3+1 Driller’s Intercom system has been specifically designed in conjunction with drilling operations to provide reliable, simple two way voice communications on board a drilling rig. The system is primarily designed to enhance health and safety on board the rig. It is developed to the same high standards of security as the PSC VODEC Public Address and General Alarm (PA/GA) System which is a prime life safety package. The DX3+1 system comprises of a central panel, (which carries switching and amplification) Driller’s cabin master control, subscriber station(s) and paging loudspeaker(s).

The entire system is designed to facilitate control from the driller’s position, to this end all stations are hands-free including the Driller’s station. The Driller position comprises of the following ATEX certified DX3+ apparatus:

  • 200 mm/600 mm long reach gooseneck mounted intrinsically safe Exi microphone fitted to DX3MC16 control membrane panel
  • Thigh/Knee/Foot Ex switch to facilitate communication control type KNS01
  • Driller “receive speech“ Ex Loudspeaker



Data Sheet – DX3+1 Drillers Talkback Intercom System