MPORT Remote Access Interface


  • Local interface for remote MVAP access panels
  • Peer to Peer interfacing
  • M Class remote monitored and configured


The MPORT is an M Class access terminal interface port designed primarily to connect remote MVAP access panels to a local PA/GA rack. The MPORT combined with the MVAP allows BARTEC VODEC M Class PA/GA installations to be truly scalable and easily configured.

The MPORT is mounted at the back of the PA/GA cabinet and Interfaces directly to the local VX/AT central controller. When the optional ZTE4-20 is fitted it can directly support 20 local zones. Each additional MPORT in a system equates to an additional 20 zones, with virtually no limitation on the number of zones possible.

The MPORT includes two independent Ethernet LAN ports for connectivity to remote MVAPs. These LANs may be used in a redundant configuration for installations requiring critical path security. The MPORT also includes an array of general purpose I/O for customer specific requirements and to allow interaction with 3rd party equipment such as fire and gas detection systems.



BS-EN 60945
BS-EN 61010-1
DNV Certified

Ambient temperature

0 °C to +50 °C (+32 °F to +122 °F)



Data Sheet – MPORT Remote Access Interface