TQ Networking


  • Distributed connection system topology
  • High security, each sector supports local PA/GA access/operation
  • Simple expansion no impact on existing installation
  • Eliminates possible common mode failure in event of catastrophic breakdown of master or inter connecting cables


The PSC VODEC TQ/VX and TQ-88 system allows the distribution of amplification to remote areas of a petrochemical/industrial site thereby enabling localised drive and management of loudspeaker networks. A conventional PA/GA (Public Address and General Alarm system) broadcast system comprises of central equipment racks with associated loudspeaker circuits radially/loop wired from the central cabinet.

This arrangement works well where loudspeaker networks are located in the immediate vicinity of the central equipment rack however where PA/GA broadcast coverage is required to distant/remote site(s) then:

  • The reduction in broadcast sound pressure level due to copper losses in the interonnecting loudspeaker cable becomes prohibitive.
  • The cost of multi core loudspeaker cable networks increase installation price dramatically.
  • he attenuation of network supervisory/test signals due to cable capacitance becomes too high to enable reliable system monitoring. In many cases cable capacitance also degrades speech intelligibility.

The solution to achieving efficient, quality and cost effective PA/GA broadcast capability to distant loudspeaker networks is to remote the associated amplification to the vicinity of the target loudspeaker.

Technical Data

StructureMaximum number of sector slave panels: 512
Number of slave panels per VA300/TQ-88: 8
ConnectionInterconnecting cable-copper: 3x twisted pairs
Maximum distance:
3000 metres min CSA 0.5 mm²
5000 metres min CSA 1.5 mm²
Interconnecting cable-fibre: Single mode 2x fibre using FOP100 interface, 1x fibre using FOP200 interface
VA300/TQ-88 connection to host VA300/CAGE:

1x 20 way data ribbon cable
1x 16 way audio ribbon cable

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information