VA300+M/325 Watt Amplifier


  • Remote monitoring
  • Fully integrated supervision

  • Plug and play, minimal set up


The VA300+M amplifier is designed to provide reliable efficient service in critical life dependant alarm and voice broadcast applications (PA/GA). The unit is based upon a compact industry standard size Euro card module designed to plug in/out of a 6U high card cage. The VA300+M incorporates an integral supervisory package, which silently and automatically monitors amplifier and the associated loudspeaker line insulation with respect to earth.

The VA300+M front panel carries on LED diagnostic display with a ten digit line output volt meter and robust alloy handle to facilitate rapid withdrawal of the complete assembly and exchange with absolute minimum of down time. Surface mount manufacturing ensures consistent performance, obviates troublesome wiring looms, multiple printed circuit cards and shrinks the entire power amplifier module/supervisory to a single multi function motherboard.

Unique Vari-mode output stage configuration eliminates EMC emissions and critical loading requirements associated with pure Class D amplification, whilst maintaining extremely high efficiencies during emergency broadcast request. Amplifier frequency response bandwidth extends to 25 kHz thereby enabling automatic amplifier/line checking at inaudible ultrasonic frequencies. The VA300+M amplifier is fully electronically protected against open/short/any abnormal load or temperature condition with automatic reset (once the condition is resolved) and is almost totally indestructible.



BS-EN 60945
BS-EN 61010-1
DNV Certified

Ambient temperature

0 °C to +50 °C (+32 °F to +122 °F)



Data Sheet – VA300+M/325 Watt Amplifier