ATE1 PAGA Expansion Port


  • Duplicated microphone transducers
  • Monitored microphone voice coil
  • Easy installation, low cost, simple installation


Up to 2 x VAP01 access panel can be connected directly to the PA/GA system through the 2IP interface ports. For higher quantity access panel need to be connected through the ATE1 which is a clip on/off DIN rail mount port which is designed to extend a PSC VODEC VX/AT-M switch to allow connection of up to four VAP01 public address microphone access units. The ATE1 comprises of a rugged DIN rail mount PCB carrier, field cable terminal assembly and on board switching matrix. An array of LED indicators provide the engineer with ATE1 operation status and DIL switches allow the engineer to enable or disable ATE1 features to meet specific applications.

Further ATE1 ports can be cascaded up to a maximum of four models, inter port connectivity is by plug in/out flat IDC ribbon cable enabling simple expansion with minimal hardware impact. The ATE1 is managed by an on board processing subsystem that determines access priority, emergency/routine speech preference and system alarm tone control. Connection to the ATE1 from the host VX/AT-M switch is by single 34 way IDC plug in/out ribbon cable assembly. Connection to other ATE1 ports (where more that four VAP01 microphones are required) is by identical 34 way IDC ribbon cable enabling simple expansion with minimal hardware impact. Power supply is derived from the VX/AT-M management switch which is stepped down to provide DC 6 V to supply the VAP01 access unit(s).

The ATE1 also provides drive output to allow direct control of loudspeaker muting relays on the PSC VODEC Loudspeaker mute port. This enables loudspeaker(s) in the vicinity of a live VAP01 access unit to be disabled for the duration of the broadcast from the active VAP01 thereby obviating risk of acoustic feedback. The ATE1 also allows connection of up to four intrinsically safe LED system status indicator units (PSC ComEx control stations).


Ambient temperature

0 °C to +50 °C (+32 °F to +122 °F)



Data Sheet – ATE1 PAGA Expansion Port, VAP01 Access Unit