VX/AT-M Central Management Processor


  • System on a Chip Technology
  • Up to 32 microphone access panel inputs
  • Supervises up to 512 amplifier modules
  • Fully supervised critical path
  • Interfaces to other life critical systems
  • Remote monitoring feature
  • Compatible with standard P3 System


The PSC VODEC VX/AT-M is designed to provide access priority and zoned area switching of electronically generated alarms and live voice program inputs as a central component of a high integrity Public Address and Alarm (PA/GA) broadcast system. The VX/AT-M unit comprises of a low profile space saving 1 unit high 19 inch enclosure 160 mm (6,5 inch) minimal depth enclosure. The central management processor accepts connection from multiple access panel control positions, expandable to client specification. The unit generates a selection of secure alarm cadences and provides interface to other telecommunication systems like telephone system or Fire and Gas Detection system. A single PSC VODEC VX/AT-M processor can automatically supervise

  • up to 512 power amplifier modules VA300+M
  • up to 32 microphone access panels
  • battery charger
  • flashing beacons

PSC VODEC System on a Chip
The VX/AT-M processor is based upon highly secure VSOC technology which obviates sequentially executed stored program. Instead the VSOC chip is configured by tamper-proof switches located inside the unit.

Remote Monitoring
The VXAT-M is enhanced to capture and report detailed operational information in real-time and when connected to M Class infrastructure all this information is available to a remote server, which logs and displays data as required. The remote monitoring features are robustly implemented and designed which will not affect PA/GA critical functions in any way. Additionally the VX/AT-M is enhanced to store and report its unique serial number and other asset management data to further improve uptime and predictive maintenance.



BS-EN 60945
BS-EN 61010-1
DNV Certified

Ambient temperature

0 °C to +50 °C



Data Sheet – VX/AT-M Central Management Processor