EOLO3A Loudspeaker Line Termination Port


  • Test disconnect terminations
  • High integrity service
  • Fault tolerant, continued no break broadcast


PSC VODEC EOL03A combines loudspeaker termination port and line supervisory provides interface between the PSC VODEC VA300+M amplifier cage (VA300/CAGE) and external loudspeaker network field cabling, the unit features loop drive to ensure continued full broadcast coverage in event of a single cable break. The unit is designed for snap on/off industry standard DIN rail mounting and comprises of a robust glass fibre printed card which is equipped with VA300+M amplifier harness termination and send/receive loudspeaker loop network output EOL03A provides connection for up to eight amplifiers 70/100 V line outputs with loop.

The unit includes gas discharge tube lightning protection on each individual outlet thereby assuring highest system reliability in the most arduous of operating environments. Line output terminations each incorporating a test connect/disconnect switching feature to allow the engineer to isolate line(s) during maintenance/commissioning operations. Terminals accept a range of conductor size up to a maximum of 2.5 mm² cross sectional area. EOL03A additionally carries LED status indications to inform the engineer of successful resolution of 25 kHz end of line test tone reception. EOL03A connectivity to host VA300/CAGE is by twisted pair I.D.C. ribbon enabling rapid installation by preformed plug/socket cable terminations. When emergency speech and alarm tone broadcast are distributed by networks of loudspeakers, it is essential that the host PA/GA panel is capable of securely monitoring all critical paths to provide an early warning of system deterioration. PSC VODEC PA/GA package injects an inaudible supervisory signal (22.5 kHz) into all loudspeaker networks to facilitate automatic checking. The associated loudspeaker network(s) can be arranged as ring/loop wired configurations or radial/star wired. A loop wired architecture is preferred since a single cable break will not inhibit operation to all loudspeakers on the supervisory device.

Technical Data

StructureNumber of outlets: 8 outputs, 8 inputs
Number of amplifier inputs: 8
Dimensions125 mm x 222 mm x 60 mm
(4.92 inch x 8.74 inch x 2.36 inch
Weight0.62 kg (1.4 lbs)
VoltageWorking voltage: 70/100 V line

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Ambient temperature

0 °C to +50 °C (+32 °F to +122 °F)



Data Sheet – EOLO3A Loudspeaker Line Termination Port