• Simple user interface
  • Customized screen layout
  • Variety of connection interfaces


M-VAP is the digital equivalent of our standard VAP30 microphone access panel. It is used to address zones, issue Alarms, Recorded Messages, and Important Messages to site zones. It is an IP based access panel that could be located anywhere on site as long as it is assigned to the same network where the PA/GA systems are located. M-VAP can be designed as per customer requirement due to the fact that it runs on a “Windows System platform”. The MVAP as a standard is available in the models below:

A. Desk/Console Mount
3U, 19 inch rack/desk mount device which is fitted with a 7 inch touch screen monitor and a microphone. It is connected to a site network through an Ethernet cable (RJ45).

B. The all in 1 PC/M-VAP
23″ inch all in 1 PC that runs windows and has a touch screen to use M-VAP. The PC brand is decided by either a customer requirement or market availability. Size can also be changed to bigger or smaller models.

M-VAP Setup
M-VAP is a very flexible device with regards to the setup and operation. Based on the site structure, the zone’s buttons can be configured to accommodate all zones, required alarms, and any other function that is required at the time. M-VAP software can be mounted on any Windows platform PC. The screen size can therefore be changed to any desired size.



Data Sheet – M-VAP