PAGA Central Equipment Rack


  • Certified ATEX for Zone 1
  • DC 48 V battery input
  • Higher integrity, obviates common mode failure
  • No break autonomy, high security system design
  • Rapid service/ installation


The PA/GA (Public Address and General Alarm) System central panels are available ATEX certified enabling safe voice and alarm broadcast capability in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Implementation of the Exp central panel obviates disconnection of the PA/GA system during an emergency shut down (ESD) scenario thereby guaranteeing continued availability of broadcast service with attendant ultimate package security. Availability of ATEX certified field equipment. Intrinsically safe operator control access units, intrinsically safe emergency muster microphone, explosion proof loudspeakers and flashing beacons enables the complete PA/GA system to operate safely and continuously in a zone 1 potentially hazardous atmosphere. Incoming mains supply feeders are terminated inside an explosion proof „d enclosure ensuring safety in event of loss of pressurisation or during purge sub-system boot up.

Inter-panel communications to serve system synchronisation in duplicated A+B PA/GA architectures is implemented by fibre optic cable interface thereby guaranteeing safety in event of gas ingress to one of the panel locations. Ex p central panel protection concept is based on Ex pressurisation where the cabinets are automatically purged with “clean” air thereby preventing ingress of potentially flammable mixtures and consequent ignition risk. The PSC VODEC Ex p package incorporates fail safe purge monitoring to ensure automatic isolation of any potentially incendiary circuit in event of loss of pressurisation. Interlocking ensures that the PA/GA panel cannot be activated until pressurisation is of the correct level to guarantee safety in a zone 1 hazardous area.

Technical Data

DimensionsDimensions per rack
2100 mm high including plinth, 800 mm wide, 800 deep
PressurePressurisation: 6 litres per minute
Humidity90 % non condensing
WeightWeight fully loaded: 300 kg
ConnectionPneumatic Interface: 1/2″ NPT for 1/2″ tube

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information



Safety concept: Ex p main cabinet Ex d isolation box
ATEX certification: Zone 1 T4 IIC

Ambient temperature

-10 °C up to +40 °C