PAGA Public Address and General Alarm System


  • Various redundancy concepts
  • Fully monitored system
  • Different interfaces available
  • PSCC VODEC System on a Chip


The PSC VODEC M Class PA/GA (Public Address and General Alarm System) is the culmination of over 15 years experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of high integrity voice/alarm broadcast packages for life safety applications.

The PA/GA System is specifically developed for use in aggressive operating environments including potentially hazardous atmospheres. PSC VODEC PA/GA is designed to reliably operate for extended periods of time without failure or recourse to routine maintenance.

PA/GA has been independently certified to meet the strictest climatic conditions specificed by leading authorities including CE, DNV, CSA, LR.

The PA/GA package can be supplied in a number of system architectures:

  • Fully duplicated A+B configuration
  • N+1 Hot-Standby configuration key components are duplicated and configured on Hot-Standby
  • Combination of A+B and N+1 for ultimate system security



Data Sheet – PAGA Public Address and General Alarm System