Integrated PAGA and Party Line Communications and Paging System


  • Distributing of public adress broadcasts
  • Open channel communication
  • Indoor, outdoor, ATEX stations
  • Cost effective S/UTP cabling


The PSC VODEC integrated PA/GA and Party line communications and paging system offers simple to use functionality utilising open channel handset communications and loudspeaker broadcast paging capability, integrated into a simple and easy to use package. This System enhances the user friendliness of traditional systems by the introduction of “Single Button Paging“ – allowing telephone sub-system paging broadcasts over the PA system to be initiated via one pushbutton. This is in addition to fully selective “point to point“ two way voice communication realised via modern PABX switching technology.

This System has no special cable requirements (operates over two non-critical cable pairs with overall shield) enabling multiple simultaneous private conversations, trunk line expandability to other PABX central switches or Public Address live voice, alarm broadcast and open channel “Page“ communications. Amplification is mounted centrally, giving the benefit of unlimited power capacity with no restrictions relating to the number of outstations whilst offering simple and convenient servicing.

A system consists of sub-scriber outstations, the system range includes:

  • Indoor desk/wall mount handset suitable for control rooms, offices, switch rooms.
  • Weather proof/bulkhead mount handset suitable for exposed locations, machinery rooms, process areas.
  • Explosion proof/bulkhead mount handset suitable for sitting in all zone 1 IIC explosive locations (ATEX and IECEx certified).