MSR60 Telephone Interface


  • Allows any telephone sub-subscriber to address the site PAGA system
  • Totally inhibits acoustic feedback
  • Duplicated A+B PA/GA interface


The MSR60 carries a DTMF decoder that enables subscriber broadcast area selectivity. For example a paging broadcast might only be required in a certain area of the plant, by keying a zone up to eight discretely selectable zones are possible with a single MSR60, i.e. dial “1“ = zone 1: dial “2“ = zone 2 and so on. The MSR60 incorporates a “real time“ monitor/censor facility, MSR/2C, that enables the operator to listen to the subscriber text as it is recorded by the store via an extension loudspeaker facility. In the event that the message being recorded is undesirable the operator can depress a RESET key which returns the store to quiescent. A second latching (press on press off) “DISABLE“ key allows the operator to inhibit the MSR60 facility completely. The optional MSR/2C monitor panel consists of a standard 19 inch 2 unit high panel which carries loudspeaker and operator push button controls, the MSR/2C monitor panel to the MSR60 voice store and telephone interface unit. The MSR60 is energised from AC mains supply via an integral universal supply converter which allows operation from power supply inputs raging from AC 100 V to 250 V without link selections. A secondary input is available allowing MSR60 to operate from DC 24 V mains supply.

The PSC VODEC MSR60 is a solid-state temporary voice store designed to completely eliminate acoustic feedback (Larsen effect) when PABX telephone subscribers are allowed access to a PSC VODEC PA/GA broadcast paging system. Without MSR60 live telephone handsets in the vicinity of public address loudspeaker would be prone to the detrimental affects of acoustic feedback with attendant corruption of the voice message broadcast. The MSR60 comprises of a rot proof rugged ABS plastic enclosure which houses a single motherboard based electronics module that carries field cable terminations, power supply and voice storage processor.

The unit is designed for safe area wall/bulk head mounting and should be ideally located adjacent to the PABX switch. MSR60 is designed to interface to the PABX switch by either “2/4-wire E and M“ port or “2-wire subscriber“ line. Output interface to the host paging broadcast system is by 0dBm audio line and dry “push to talk“ PTT contact.

Technical Data

Protection ClassIP65
Dimensions200 mm x 75 mm x 120 mm
(7.87 inch x 2.95 inch x 4.72 inch)
MaterialEnclosure: ABS plastic
Weight1.7 kg (3.7 lbs)
InterfaceInput interface, trunk: 2 or 4 wire E and M port
Input interface, subscriber: 2- wire subscriber
Output interface:
2 x 0 dBM 600 Ohm audio lines
2 x Volt free change over contacts rated 0.25 A @ AC 24 V
AudioRecord volume control: high – low
Playback volume control:high – low
VoltageSupply: AC 100 to 250 V, 50/60 Hz, DC 24 V
Output powerMonitor loudspeaker output: 500mW
PowerConsumption maximum: 20 W
Power dissipationHeat emission: 5 W
FrequencyBandwidth: 3.4kHz

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Ambient Temperature

20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F)



Data Sheet – MSR60 Telephone Interface