VXS Party Line Communications and Paging Intercom System


  • Non critical field cable requirement
  • Open channel communications
  • Safe and ATEX certified stations
  • Low cost installation
  • Hazardous area communications


The PSC VODEC VXS based paging/intercom system facilitates the following communication plan specifically for offshore/petrochemical installations:

  • All call paging on two priority/ zone levels, i.e. Routine page all subscribers, Emergency page all subscribers
  • Open channel “party“ communications
  • Point to point selective handset to handset communications (as on option)

The system supports a range of subscriber access positions and is expandable up to 1012 stations.

The VXS consists therefore of:

  • Central equipment rack
  • Subscriber station:
    • Safe area/office style
    • Weatherproof/marine outdoor protected
    • ATEX certified Zone 1 protected

Connectivity is by a non critical two pair cable which can be CAT5 or similar telephony cable. The system allows loudspeaker voice paging to all or a nominated subscriber group, access is on a priority basis which ensures only one subscriber can address the intercom paging loudspeakers at any one time. Priority is configured either on a “first come/first served“ basis or on a “descending“ access basis. Open channel party line communications allow hot line handset to handset two way full duplex speech on a non private basis. The VXS switch can be stand alone or integrated into a PSC VODEC PA/GA public address and alarm system to form a complete supervised paging and alarm broadcast package.