LMP Loudspeaker Mute Port


  • Test disconnect termination
  • Switch and plug link compatible
  • Easy service, minimal Downtime
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Configurable


The PSC VODEC Loudspeaker Mute Port disables loudspeakers in the vicinity of a live operator M-VAP/VAP30/VAP01 microphone access panel to prevent the detrimental effects of acoustic feedback. The unit is designed for snap on/off industry standard DIN rail mounting and comprises of a robust glass fibre printed circuit card which is equipped with 100/70 V line plug/socket input terminations and „controlled loudspeaker“ circuit output terminals. The loudspeaker mute port is intended to be located in the PA/GA central equipment system MDF or termination compartment. Up to four discrete muting outputs can be driven from any VA300+ amplifier CAGE without recourse to additional hardware fitted (each corresponding to operator access unit input in to the PSC VODEC VX/AT-M central PA/GA processor).

The unit incorporates an engineers switch bank that allows selection of high or low priority access inputs. Muting can be derived from any VA300+ amplifier fitted within a VA300/CAGE+M to ensure that the mutable loudspeaker resides in the correct zone of address for the particular site PA/GA configuration. This is engineer selectable by an on board plug link patch field which enables any mutable loudspeaker circuit assignment without rack wiring or alteration. Muting is actioned under control of the VX/AT-M switch, via a flat insulation displacement ribbon cable, which enables multiple Loudspeaker Mute Port to be cascaded without additional cubical wiring. Mutable loudspeaker control is managed by high reliability fail-safe, (normally de-energised, energised to „mute“) sealed relays. Line output terminations to the individual mutable loudspeakers each incorporates a test connect/disconnect switching feature to allow the engineer to isolate line(s) during maintenance/commissioning operations. It should be noted that each host VA300+ amplifier is capable of supervising up to eight loudspeaker circuits enabling mutable loudspeaker lines to be included in the automatic monitoring scheme if required. In this case mutable loudspeakers require fi tting of EOL02 or EOL04 end of line supervisory devices.

Technical Data

StructureNumber of outlets: 4 mutable outputs
Number of amplifier inputs: 8
Dimensions222 mm x 60 mm x 125 mm
(8.74 inch x 2.36 inch x 4.92 inch)
Weight0.38 kg (0.8 lbs)
VoltageWorking voltage: 70/100 Volt line

*Refer to the documentation for more detailed information


Ambient temperature

0 °C to +50 °C (+32 °F to +122 °F)